The Ortelli Dental Center

The Ortelli Dental Center offers, in a modern and clean environment, cutting-edge tools and techniques to ensure a professional service at the highest level. The staff, trained and on hand, aims to always put the patient at ease.

The Dental Clinic has 3 units divided by activity: surgery, conservative and endodontics and prosthesis.

The Center is equipped with advanced digital radiography systems to expose the patient to less radiation, while ensuring the highest image accuracy.

The dental laboratory which the Clinic uses, located a short distance away, allows quick repair of dentures and the ability to perform immediate implantology needs with, of course, a lifetime warranty on the implants.

You are assured the presence of an anesthetist for more complex interventions or for particularly restless and anxious patients.

The collaboration with two medical specialists in orthodontics, for adults and children, allows the Center to provide more comprehensive and accurate professional help for the patients.

Ortelli Dental Center also employs a specialist in plastic surgery for small cosmetic procedures such as infiltration of hyaluronic acid, commonly known as “filler”.

Dr. Ortelli graduated in Dentistry and Dental Implants in 2001 from the University of Milan. From 2001 to 2005 he was a frequent dentist ("Tutor") at the Hospital of San Paolo (Dental Building) in Milan.
In 2002, he was admitted to the Milan Board of Dentistry and works in his office in Milan. In addition to having attended many courses both nationally and internationally, particularly in the field of oral implantology, currently the doctor works with various Organizations which deal with oral surgery.



Oral Hygiene
Tooth whitening
Conservative Dentistry
Pediatric Dentistry


Personalized payments or installments are offered with zero interest rate. Complete assistance is offered by completing the documentation for Funds and Insurance.

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